How to start your journey

For starters check out some open source society educational websites like OSSU (which stands for Open Source Society University; and Free code camp ( Both of them are awesome platforms.

OSSU revolves around MOOC’s like coursera, edx, and the like, which provides a free and online computer-science education curriculum. Another great supplement or alternative to ossu is “teach yourself computer science”: They cover the same topics, some of the courses they recommend are the same, some are different. Check out what fits your needs the best.
Free code camp is a website designed to teach you how to write code for websites, through interactive exercises and tons of projects. Their blog is a great source of information and inspiration, so don’t forget to give that a look as well, while you’re at it:

I love linux, so I couldn’t with hold myself from adding some linux stuff in this first post ><

If you feel the need of doing the ossu computer science curriculum in Chinese, here is the link:


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